Using AI responsibly

AI can solve many of society’s sustainability and efficiency challenges, but there are ethical implications of using such technologies. In Visma we want to ensure that our solutions are implemented with people in mind.

Visma follows these principles in the design, development and deployment of ethical and sustainable AI:




Our mission for AI is to extend human abilities. We supervise our AI solutions and are ready to intervene, improve and mitigate issues where needed.

Transparent, explainable, fair and unbiased

We aim to proactively explain the development, use and results of our AI solutions in a user-friendly way. Also continuously test for skewed results or biases.

Privacy and data protection


Our AI development is based on privacy by design. We strive to use only the minimum data necessary for every step of development and encrypt or anonymise data where possible.



We take responsibility for our AI solutions to give our users confidence, and provide a point of contact for questions, directly or through our trusted partner network.

Safe, secure and sustainable

Our AI solutions are designed and deployed securely and robustly, defended from adversarial attacks, to prevent misuse and reduce the risk of being compromised or causing harm.


Work with AI in Visma

Do you also want to work with cutting-edge technology and at the same time help over a million customers run their businesses every day and let them focus on what they love? Explore our open positions in the field of AI

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