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Automatic Rostering API

About the API

The API requires input of shifts, workforce demand and employees and returns a schedule that adheres to the set of constraints specified, for instance competence constraints and maximum allowed weekly work time. 

The service then utilises an advanced solver to allocate employees to shifts in order to meet demand. The primary objective of the solver is to generate a schedule that meets the ideal number and composition of workers at any given point in time. Additionally, the solver will seek to provide  each employee with their contracted amount of work. Furthermore, the solver aims to make the schedules as fair as possible for all employees. 

No personal information is required to use this service, thus we highly recommend using anonymized data.

Features of the API

The core of the API functionality requires the user to specify employees, demands, shifts and relevant constraints. 

To abstract away the hassle of specifying shifts, it is possible to enable the service to generate the shifts that best fits the specified demand. As a user, you can enable shift generation by specifying shift templates in the payload. 

Depending on your use case, you can toggle the relevant constraints. The service provides customizability of the constraints so that the schedules adheres to your local laws & regulations.

Why use the API

With integration to the Automatic Rostering API, users can spend less time on planning, get a better utilization of workforce and improve the fairness among employees.


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Available for markets:
All markets, by agreement with Resolve

Type of API: REST

Type of authentication: OAUTH2.0

Access & Pricing: By agreement with Resolve