Visma Business NXT API

About the API

The Visma Business NXT API enables you to make any kind of integration against the next generation of Visma Business ERP-system. The API exposes a GraphQL interface which allows you to easily and effectively query and manipulate all the data you need inside Visma Business NXT.
The API is well documented and easy to work with and contains all the concepts that you are familiar with from building integrations to Visma Business, packaged in state of the art technology.

Features of the API

The Visma Business NXT API currently contains the following functionality:

  • Get, create, update or delete all types of data inside Visma Business NXT.
  • Get large amounts of data including aggregate functions.
  • Execute commands and function within Visma Business NXT.

Why use the API

The ERP-system is often at the base of every business and will both provide and require data from other parts in the business. By integrating your ERP-system with other business-critical systems in your business you’ll be able to automate a lot of the processes running in your operation.


Please contact us at thomas.skjorten@visma.com



Want to get started?

You can get access to the API here


Explore the API with GraphQL

Available for markets:

Type of API: GraphQL

Type of authentication: Visma Connect (OAuth 2.0)

Access: Partners and customers of Visma Business NXT

Pricing: Included in Visma Business NXT pricing model