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Change Company Type

About the API

The API allows you to give your customers machine-learning recommendations on whether they should change company type.

The API user can upload company data with financial information for the desired country to tailor the recommendations to local laws and regulations. Once the data is uploaded, the API user can trigger the training of a machine-learning model by calling one of our endpoints. When the training is finished, your customers can start getting recommendations from the model through our endpoints.

Features of the API

Change Company Type is an example of what we call “AI as a service,” meaning that you can easily offer complex machine learning models to your customers. We handle everything related to modelling, training and hosting, making offering machine learning at scale as simple as integrating with our API.

An example of a use case for changing company type is when a single-person company should become a limited company. An experienced accountant would give this type of advice by investigating the company data, financial data and trends. It is a time-consuming process, requires years of experience and has to be done for one company at a time.

Using machine learning to identify candidate companies for changing company type saves the accountants time, increases the awareness of this type of advice and allows junior accountants to give senior advice.

In addition to recommending the optimal company type, the API provides valuable information that can help the user understand its reasoning. This includes a confidence score, the number of companies with similar characteristics, and the significant features for the recommendation.

Why use the API

By seamlessly integrating with our Change Company Type API, you can help your customers save time and make better decisions.


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Available for markets:
All markets, by agreement with Resolve

Type of API: REST

Type of authentication: OAUTH2.0

Access & Pricing: By agreement with Resolve