Flyt Ressursstyring Public API

About the API

Visma Flyt Ressursstyring is a cloud based planning, time and attendance system for all manor of shift based work. Create work plans, generate operational plans, handle deviations, generate work hours and handle work hours and absence.

The REST-API provided by Flyt Ressursstyring gives you  access to operational plans, shifts and  deviations.

Features of the API

The API gives you access to read your planned shifts.


Why use the API

Combine Flyt Ressursstyring with your software to create powerful integrated solutions.


Please contact us at siri.monsoy@visma.com



Want to get started?

Flyt Ressursstyring API documentation and examples:



Available for markets:

Type of API: REST, open API

Type of authentication: JWT token (access token/client credentials)

Access: Customers and partners of Visma Flyt Ressursstyring

Tiered usage based on customer size (number of inhabitants)