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Route Optimization API


Route Optimization API

About the API

About the API

Within Route Optimization, we offer services that find the best routes for employees travelling to different geographical locations to perform tasks.

The API user can decide the definition of best routes by setting weights on objectives such as the importance of short travel times, no late arrivals for tasks, and specific employees performing tasks. The two main services we offer are the Operational Route Planner (ORP) and the Tactical Route Planner (TRP).

Features of the API

ORP is designed to solve a route optimization problem for a shorter period, e.g creating the best day-to-day routes. The goal of the TRP is to find the best task schedule and routes spanning over a long time range.

An example of a use case for ORP is a home nursing care office, which has a set of tasks (patient visits) scheduled during a day and employees scheduled to work this day and perform the tasks. The tasks may have a certain time window in which they must be performed on that day, and the employees have a given shift defined. The ORP then attempts to create the best possible routes with regards to objectives such as minimizing driving time and few late arrivals.

A use case for TRP is an electrical service company, which has a set of tasks (services) and employees with a given work schedule. Some tasks are already assigned to a day, time, and a particular employee. Other tasks need to be scheduled and have time windows that define when they can be performed, such as Thursday before noon or Friday afternoon. The TRP then aims to schedule these tasks in an optimal way, taking into account the tasks that are already scheduled to a route.

Why use the API

By making seamless integration with our Route Optimization APIs, you can eliminate the manual work that would be required by your users to create efficient routes.

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