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Visma.net ERP Sales Order Service API

About the API

The Visma.net ERP Sales Order Service is the next generation service for handling Sales Orders in Visma.net ERP. The API exposes the functionality needed to create and handle sales orders in Visma.net ERP, including functionality for getting customers and inventory items.

The Sales Order Service is built on a completely new architecture compared to the existing Visma.net ERP API and offers much better performance, higher security and a more developer-friendly interface.

The Visma.net Sales Order Services works side by side with the existing Visma.net ERP API, it is highly recommended to use this service for all tasks related to working with sales orders while using the Visma.net ERP API for other tasks in Visma.net ERP.

Features of the API

The Visma.net Sales Order Service API currently contains the following functionality:

  • Create new sales orders in Visma.net ERP.
  • Get sales orders from Visma.net ERP .
  • Get customers from Visma.net ERP.
  • Get inventory items with detailed information about availability.

Why use the API

This API will make it possible to create external applications that create sales orders within Visma.net ERP, for example webshop-integrations.

The improved performance, security and usability makes it highly recommended to use this service for these tasks instead of the Visma.net ERP API.


Please contact us at thomas.skjorten@visma.com



Want to get started?

You can get access to the API here


Available for markets:
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland

Type of API: REST

Type of authentication:
Visma Connect (OAuth 2.0)

Access: Partners of Visma.net ERP

Pricing:Included in Visma.net ERP pricing model