Data analytics capabilities at scale with Brian Ye

Delivering behavioural data analytics capabilities at scale and in real-time

Along with the exponential development of cloud services, we can also see an explosion of possibilities and capabilities of utilizing data. One of the key benefits with cloud services is that we more easily understand our customer needs through product event data.

The challenge is however not to acquire the data, but how to appropriately utilize this data while respecting privacy, data quality, and efficiency. Snowplow is an open source solution that enables us to do this, where we can host our own event analytics platform in our own cloud environment.

This TechZone Talk will take you through why event analytics is such an important topic, the technology Snowplow, and how public cloud technology is an enabler to this.

In this TechTalk you will learn more about why owning your data pipeline is beneficial for organizations and how to deliver behavioural data with Snowplow. You will also learn about how to enable all kinds of A/B testing and experiments, how to create new measurable goals, public cloud technologies, and real-time streaming and uniform data models to enable cross product analysis.

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