How is Visma using transformers and NLP? With Claus Dahl

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Facilitate your organisation’s climate efforts with Sustion

in Technology

Climate change is a wicked problem. Likewise, the carbon footprint of companies has been wickedly difficult to calculate. Sustion helps organisations to get the data they need to make meaningful, valuable improvements to their climate impact.

Two colleagues discuss a diagram they have drawn on the whiteboard.

What is product insights and why you should care about it

in Technology

Innovation is the heartbeat of any technology company out there and in the midst of it, large-scale experimentation. Companies who do not succeed with experimenting at scale will not innovate. And those who do not innovate will die.

Two colleagues sit in a cheery office and speak with a third person, not visible.

Working with AI is working with people

in Technology

In-house AI product development has become feasible for most software companies due to developments within available talent, scalable infrastructure and increased data quality. But how ready are software companies on the one hand, and customers on the other, to deliver and consume AI products, respectively?

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