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How Visma migrated to Google Analytics 4 – and how you can too

In 2023, Google will retire their current version of Google Analytics – called Universal Analytics (UA) – and replace it with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Visma has many websites that currently use UA, and we’ve been working hard on transitioning to GA4. Find out how we did it in this handy overview.

A diagram showing a closed loop for AI evaluation.

Garbage in, Gospel Out – The Unrealistic Expectations of AI

AI has been a buzzword for quite some time. And as a professional in the field, you may have gotten the question: “Can’t we just use some AI?” In this article, you’ll get the needed support to explain why AI is or is not a good solution, through a framework to anchor your arguments. We call it the AI Evaluation Loop.

A man sits in a room and looks at his computer surrounded by natural light flowing in from the windows.

Planning work schedules gets even easier with automated shift design

Shift planning has never been easier. With shift generation, Visma Resolve’s newest extension to the Automatic Rostering module, you can automatically get optimal shifts designed for your departments’ needs. As always, the module also assigns employees to the created shifts to ensure an efficient and fair schedule.