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Bridging the gap between content creation and data analysis

During the last nine weeks, our Management Trainee Michael Sants has created a way for us to score the performance of our product pages based on a set of metrics. Read on to learn more about this exciting project and how Michael went about solving this challenge.


Diversity creates a dynamic workplace

How important is it for women in IT to have female role models and more diversity in this industry? We have talked to two graduates in Visma Consulting Denmark, developer Josephine and IT consultant Kim Ida, about these topics.

Welcome to the Management Trainees of 2020/21!

Say hello to the Management Trainees of 2020/21!

One month ago, 10 ambitious graduates started their Visma journey as Management Trainees. Throughout the coming year, each of them is responsible for planning and carrying out 5 different projects of great strategic importance for Visma’s future success. Read on to learn more about the trainees and what projects they are currently working on.

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Top 10 business intelligence trends in 2022

What is happening within data, business intelligence (BI) and analytics in 2022? We have summarised BARC’s Trend Monitor for 2022 and given you the top ten most important trends.


Santa Claus’ optimized delivery process

This year's busiest working day is ahead for our hero from Lapland. Delivering the presents is (in the world of optimization) a typical travelling salesman problem (TSP): how to visit a number of locations using the shortest path available. But how long would Santa’s route have to be for him to visit all households around the world?

How the Visma way of working benefits you as a customer

How the Visma way of working benefits you as a customer

How do we in Visma ensure that we deliver cloud software that is secure, reliable, performant, and responsive to the needs that you as a customer have? In this article, we'll show how our way of working, and the technology we use, is aligned with those goals.