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We believe we can empower people greatly through technology. But how technology empowers people depends on how it is being applied. This is where APIs come in. Our products and solutions become better when they connect to an ecosystem of great solutions.

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Woman looking at a paper report

The state of AI in 2021

in Technology

Stanford University recently launched the 2021 AI Index Report, highlighting the use of AI and its current impact on politics, economics and society. We have chatted with the Data Science Director in Visma, Michael Håkansson, about diversity in AI, the upsides and downsides of AI, and what he believes the future of artificial intelligence looks like.

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Applying for studies? Choose technology!

in Technology

Choosing higher education is a big decision. What do I want to work with, and what is "wise" to choose when thinking about future labour market opportunities? One thing is for sure: to solve the societal challenges we face, we need expertise in technology more than anything else in the years to come.

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Making Visma more efficient and sustainable with the help of robots

in Technology

How can we use automation to get rid of manual tasks? With the new project AutoMate, our Intelligent Process Automation team sets out to use robots to identify 100 000 hours that can be freed up through automation.

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