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How is it to work with tech development at Visma? Brian Ye, Product Insights Lead in the Data Science Tech Hub, is here to tell us. In this interview he talks through a typical workday and explains why a diverse workplace is so important for innovation. 

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Machine learning of Smartscan part 2: Transformers

in Technology

The recently released Smartscan Premium by our Visma Machine Learning Assets team sets a new standard for automated document information extraction. In this blog post series the team explains the transformer architecture of the model that sits at the core of this vastly improved product.

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Saluting our Testers across Visma

in Technology

Identifying software bugs and revealing hidden assumptions is no easy task, which is why having skilled Testers is critical for any technology company. With today being International Tester's Day, we talked to several of our own Testers to find out what they do, how they tackle problems, and how they “debug” themselves after a long day.

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Machine learning of Smartscan Part 1: Bert awakens

in Technology

Our Visma Machine Learning Assets team recently launched Smartscan Premium. In this blog series, they will take you behind the scenes to look at the machine learning and research that the Smartscan technology is built upon and what challenges the technology is solving.

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