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Making Visma more efficient and sustainable with the help of robots

in Technology

How can we use automation to get rid of manual tasks? With the new project AutoMate, our Intelligent Process Automation team sets out to use robots to identify 100 000 hours that can be freed up through automation.

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Therese Sletten, one of Norway’s 50 leading tech women

in Technology

We are thrilled to announce that Visma’s Therese Sletten, is named one of Norway’s 50 leading tech women in 2021. We had a chat with Therese about her early interest and enthusiasm for tech, what female role models have meant for her over the course of her career, and why we need a more inclusive workforce.

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User tests not always a success story

Technology is only as effective as the people who build it

in Technology

Did you know that the first computer programmer was a woman? In the 1840s, Ada Lovelace wrote the world’s first machine algorithm. Fast-forward to today; tech is predominantly a man’s world. Why is this problematic, and how can we shift the course?

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