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The AdminPulse API provides access to read, create, and update customer, task, document, and invoice information.

Business NXT

The Business NXT GraphQL API allows custom and branch solutions to connect all data and functionality of Business NXT.

Control Edge

The Control Edge API allows third-party applications to read, write, and update data for accounting, invoicing, and more.


The Dinero API provides access to read, create, and update bookkeeping information.


The e-conomic APIs expose most of the functionality for partners to interact with e-conomic customer data.

Inventory Optimization

The Inventory Optimization API helps businesses meet customer demand by optimising their inventory.


The Netvisor API provides two-way programmatic access to most of Netvisor's financial management data.


The Nmbrs API makes integrating with Nmbrs HR and payroll features easy, fast, and secure.


The Rompslomp API makes it possible to programmatically read and manage various parts of your administration.

Route Optimization

The Route Optimization API improves travel time and ensures on-time arrivals for workers travelling to different locations.


The Severa API provides programmatic access to the business data, such as customers, projects, and hours.

Time Detect

The Time Detect API uses machine learning to find irregularities in time and absence registrations, increasing approvers’ accuracy and efficiency.


The TransPA Public API provides access to accounting and employee data for payroll, reporting, and workforce management.


The Tripletex API allows customers to access most of the accounting features in Tripletex for their integrations.

Visma Tid

The Visma Tid Public API allows customers to read and create projects, read integration batch hours, and much more.

Visma.net Calendar

The Visma.net Calendar API allows seamless integration between Visma.net Calendar and external time and absence solutions.

Visma.net Employee

The Visma.net Employee API provides access to read, write, and update employee data.

Visma.net ERP

The Visma.net ERP API provides access to all of the functionality of Visma.net, for all integrations.

Visma.net ERP Journal Transaction Service

The Visma.net ERP Journal Transaction Service API exposes functionality to create and handle journal vouchers in Visma.net ERP.

Visma.net ERP Sales Order Service

The Visma.net ERP Sales Order Service API exposes the functionality to create and handle sales orders in Visma.net ERP.

Visma.net Expense Transaction

The Visma.net Expense Transaction API provides full insights into the travel, mileage, and expense transactions data in Visma.net Expense.

Visma.net HRM & Payroll Reporting

The Visma.net HRM & Payroll Reporting API allows access to HR and payroll data for reporting purposes.

Visma.net Payroll

The Visma.net Payroll API allows seamless integration between Visma.net Payroll and external time and expense solutions.


The Youforce API suite enables communication over HTTPS between HR Core Beaufort Online and external systems.

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