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Visma.net Calendar API

About the API

With Visma.net Calendar API you can manage Time, Absence and supplements registrations. That covers all events an employee would need to add to the calendar creating transactions to Payroll service, keep Time and vacation balances updated. All registrations utilizes the built in set of rules and validations as if registrations would have been done directly in Calendar.

Features of the API

The Visma.net Calendar API currently contains a set of operations:

  • Create registrations in the Calendar.
  • Edit registrations in the Calendar.
  • Delete registrations in the Calendar.

Why use the API

This API will make it possible to create seamless integrations between Visma.net Calendar and external time & absence management solutions.


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Want to get started?

You can get access to the API here


Available for markets:

Type of API: REST

Type of authentication:
Visma Connect (OAuth 2.0)

Access:Partners of Visma.net Payroll

Pricing: Included in Visma.net Payroll pricing model