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e-conomic API

About the API

e-conomic provides accounting software. Between the REST & SOAP API’s we expose most of the functionality for the partners to interact with the e-conomic customer’s data. In addition to e-accounting, we provide various other functions like creating websites, webshops, tracking of inventory, etc. Additionally, there are many integrations created by our partners that extend the functionality (e.g. integration to various webshops, etc).

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Features of the API

Between both API’s it is possible to interact with most of the functionality available in e-conomic. One can easily create, edit, delete and book accounting data, generate invoices, interact with inventory counts and much more.

We also provide webhooks for most of the system so that integrators can access data in a more efficient manner.

Some of the functionality is only available via SOAP API which is in the progress of being deprecated.

There are some issues with our REST API. We have noticed that not having the ability to version the API limits us a lot in expanding its functionality. We are currently working on a way to address these issues.

e-conomic provides a lot of functionality via the user interface, but there might be a need to extend the functionality or interact with data in a way that is not supported by the UI. API’s allow our partners and customers to tailor e-conomic to their needs.

Examples of use cases could be:

  • Webshops for order management and invoicing
  • Generating reports
  • Mass billing
  • Document handling (e.g. attaching receipts)
  • Stock keeping
  • Automation for accountants

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