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About the API

Visma eAccounting is a cloud based accounting software for small  businesses. We provide functionality as invoicing, bookkeeping, logistics, bank integration and much more. If you want to read up more on Visma eAccounting itself, here's where you do it. We expose major parts of Visma eAccounting in the API.


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Features of the API

The API allows you to read, post, update and delete entities. The API has high coverage of functionality from Visma eAccounting. With 150+ endpoints you should be able to create a seamless integration to your software.

The API fully supports functionalities like pagination, filtering and sorting.

Read the API documentation for more details

API Documentation

Why use the API

By making seamless integrations between our services we will offer more automation for our users. They will work more efficiently and get a better customer experience with connected solutions.

By making an integration to Visma eAccounting your solution could potentially be available for 100 000+ customers in four different markets.

Examples of use cases could be:

  • Transfer orders from a online shop
  • Transfer daily sales from a cash register
  • Transfer customer information to a CRM solution
  • Transfer hours from a time registration solution as invoice basis

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