Tripletex API

About the API

Tripletex is a cloud-based ERP-system with modules for Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll, Logistics and Projects. The system is focused on simplicity and efficiency of use. Around the system a large eco-system of value adding integrations exists, built on the extensive REST-API provided by Tripletex which gives you access to most of the systems data and functionality.

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Features of the API

The API gives you access to read, create and update most entities in the ERP-system, like customers, inventory-items, invoices, departments, employees, suppliers, projects, hours and more.

The API also provides webhooks-functionality allowing your integration to be noticed of changes in the ERP-system and executing your desired logic based on this.

Why use the API

The ERP-system is often at the base of every business and will both provide and require data from other parts in the business. By integrating your ERP-system with other business-critical systems in your business you’ll be able to automate a lot of the processes running in your operation.

Examples of integrations could be:

  • Webshops or other eCommerce-solutions for placing orders
  • Warehouse management-systems for handling processing of sold and purchased items
  • Hour management-solutions for handling projects or worked hours by employees
  • Integration to POS-solutions
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence-solutions 


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