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About the API

With Employee API you can read and write employee data in Employee Management.
You can fully manage employee’s personal details, contact information, salary
account, details, manage employment contract details and more.
Employee information is delivered to Payroll service automatically. 

Features of the API

The Employee API contains the basic employee contact information, plus 
details on employee contracts, position type, work time agreement, salary detail management.

It is possible to batch import employee data, which comes in handy for initial data synchronization or if updates are made frequently.

  • Get personal details for an employee
  • Get position details for an employee
  • Update personal details for an employee
  • Update position details for an employee

Please see the documentation for more information about the functionality available.

Why use the API 

By making seamless integration with Employee API service, you can eliminate much of the manual work that would be required to ensure a successful wagerun process for every employee in your company.

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Want to get started?

You can get access to the API by login into the developer portal:

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Available for markets: 

Type of API: 
REST, based on OpenAPI Specification

Type of authentication: 
Token based using Visma Connect 

Customers and Partners of Payroll

Included in Payroll pricing model