Visma Nmbrs REST API

About the API

The Visma Nmbrs REST API makes integrating with Visma Nmbrs payroll and hr features easy, fast and secure.

Designed to be easily connected to common tools used by Visma Nmbrs customers the Visma Nmbrs Rest API also extends the core product functionality by easily integrating with others and also by enabling the possibility of add-ons.

Features of the API

The Visma Nmbrs REST API is designed based on scenarios. This means we took the most common types of integrations and deep dive on how they usually connect. Our final goal is to make it as easy as possible for partners to integrate with us by making use of features like: pagination, self-explanatory HTTP extended detailed error messages, filtering, usage analytics, mocking server, developers API reference with examples, etc.

Why use the API

By integrating with Visma Nmbrs through Visma Nmbrs REST API your solution could be available and used in two different markets (NL & SE). At Visma Nmbrs we help our customers and their employees have a great payroll and HR Experience and are currently among the leaders on the dutch market.

Examples of use cases could be:

Getting employee data into time registration and planning applications
Send HR related data into Visma Nmbrs so you can process your payroll more effectively.

Get companies, departments and employees data into your preferred data analysis tool for reporting.


Please contact us at partners.nmbrs@visma.com



Want to get started?

If you want to get started please visit developer.nmbrs.com where you can find all the needed documentation on how to connect with our API.


Available for markets:
NL and SE

Type of API: REST

Type of authentication: OAuth 2.0 and Identity Service

Access: Customers and partners of Visma Nmbrs