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About the API

With the Payroll API you can make integrations from other applications to Payroll. The API gives you access to functionality in Payroll and allows you to get and edit data.

Features of the API

With the API you can READ Pay codes, Transactions and Basic employee data from Payroll and WRITE variable transactions back into Payroll. Please see the documentation for more information about the functionality available. 


Why use the API

This API will make it possible to create seamless integrations between Payroll and external time management solutions. It can also be used to make integrations with other travel and expense systems. It will make it possible to get the data you need from Payroll and send transactions that should be paid out and reported back. Payroll will handle the transactions the same way as we handle transactions added directly in  


Please contact us at {email coming soon} Payroll.svg


Want to get started?

You can get access to the API by login into the developer portal:

Visma Developer Portal


Documentation can be found here: 


Available for markets:
All of them

Type of API: REST

Type of authentication:
HTTP Basic, Visma Connect

Access: Third party ISV

Pricing: Subscription

Need help?

If you have questions or are in need of support, go to: Payroll API GitHub