Youforce API

About the API

The Youforce API is a suite of APIs whose purpose is to serve as an integration layer between Youforce and external systems like Identity & Access Management, Learning & development or other HR related systems.

Features of the API

The Youforce API suite can be used to build integrations between Youforce and external systems related to the HR domain.

The API suite of Youforce contains API's for:

  • Standard domain API’s with a specific purpose like IAM, Learning, etc.
  • Extensions API to extend one of the existing domain API’s with custom fields
  • Data exchanges based on file definitions

Each of this API is documented. Detailed documentation can be found in the developer portal as part of the specification API.

Why use the API

By making seamless integrations between applications and Youforce employers and employees will have a more enriched experience within the HR domain and standard integrations can be enrolled more efficiently to the customers we share.


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Want to get started?

You can access the Youforce API suite by login into the developer portal:

Visma Developer Portal


For more information (dutch): Visma Developer portal: Account aanmaken & Applicatie registreren


Available for markets:

Type of API: REST, based on OpenAPI Specification

Type of authentication: System JWT signed by Visma Connect (Oauth 2.0 client credentials)

Access: Customers and Partners of Youforce