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IRL Stories

Story: Bare Rør AS

After a lengthy evaluation process when the business was founded in 2017, Bare Rør AS selected Entré Office, a fieldwork management tool from Håndsverksdata, and Visma eAccounting as its software systems of choice. The systems connect, meaning that relevant data collected in the field flows directly into billing, invoicing, and payroll.

Anne, Accounting Officer at Bare Rør AS, explains the choice: “We use Entré Office for planning, ordering, hours, and billing. For everything within accounting and salaries we use Visma eAccounting. The systems interact seamlessly so that we automatically get the information we need from Entré Office into Visma eAccounting. This has made our everyday life simpler and more efficient, which is exactly what we were hoping for when choosing a solution.”

Cloud integration is the future
Arnfinn Revelsby from Håndsverksdata says there are innumerable benefits of integration between the two systems: “Both are cloud-based and have simple interfaces that lower the threshold for getting started. Arnfinn points out that the integration is vital for small and medium-sized craft companies who want a simple, yet complete management of their business, at a low cost. "It's an excellent match," summarizes Arnfinn.

Today there are over 1000 integrations with Visma eAccounting that can provide a more seamless interaction across a variety of industries.

Story: Sharespine

Sharespine offers an integration platform that connects Visma eAccounting (NO) and Visma eEkonomi (SE) to online stores, payment methods, points of sale, and marketplaces. The company has been working with Visma’s APIs for several years.

“We have been using Visma APIs since v1,” says Leif Lindberg of Sharespine, “and they have always been of high quality. There is a great flexibility in the query capabilities of the API and on the whole it is very effective to work with. As an integration partner of systems focused on commerce we are satisfied with access to important parts of Visma eEkonomi via API. A well-documented platform and access to test environments is a big plus. Fast and helpful support, which is also responsive to suggestions for improvements and new functionality.”



We want to create a dynamic network of products interacting with each other, to co-create and exchange value for the members of the ecosystem. We want to empower our ecosystem to deliver meaningful and easy to use solutions that simplifies and digitises core business processes.


We believe we can empower people greatly through technology. But how technology empowers people depends on how it is being applied. This is where APIs come in. Our products and solutions become better when they connect to an ecosystem of great solutions.

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